Welcome to Loanshark
Loanshark is an aggregation and automation platform for DeFi borrowing. We are building Loanshark Core, the first lending protocol with isolated pools on Scroll.
We are incubated by the Polygon X HyperNest DeFi accelerator and are listed as a DeFi integration currently on Scroll.

Our Motivation

Our team has identified several key issues with the current state of DeFi money markets:
  • High-quality collateral assets, such as Uniswap V3 LP, are not widely supported.
  • Manual operations are time-consuming, error-prone, and result in low capital efficiency.
  • Poor user experience due to a lack of support for tools like automation/notification systems that can help users stay informed.

Our Solution

Loanshark addresses these challenges by providing the following features:
  • A money market with independent risk-based pools that offer superior capital efficiency.
  • Automated borrowing position management, including liquidation protection triggered by user pre-set conditions and one-click looping.
  • A built-in notification system to keep users informed.
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